Azteca Youth Enrichment

Even though most of the city of Pontiac's recreation centers have been boarded up because of the city's financial situation, there's one local center that's teeming with activity four nights a week during the school season.

The Azteca Youth Enrichment Center is home base for the Azteca Amateur Boxing Team and the Azteca Dance Groups. The center is a beehive of activity with youths of every size, age, nationality, and walk of life. In all of our programs, our core aim is to keep kids off the streets and in positive alternate activities that will nurture and build skills and confidence to carry them forward in life as young adults. We succeed in this, and thereby enhance the quality of life for youth engaged in our activities.

Our organization is unique in that it is a 501(c)3 which is staffed 100% by unpaid volunteers allowing all funds raised to be used to benefit the programs and directly impact the youth we are serving.