About Azteca

Over the years, Azteca Youth Enrichment has built a reputation in Michigan as a leader in youth development with a focus on serving underprivileged and marginalized youth.

As a pillar in the Pontiac community, Azteca Youth Enrichment has welcomed over 5,000 kids through our programs since 1973. Our facility serves as a beehive of activity with youths of every size, age, nationality, and walk of life participating. Together, they are learning how to condition their bodies and minds through activities that demand full attention and discipline.

Our programs help our youth to develop mental and physical discipline, self-worth and self esteem, sportsmanship and fair play, teamwork and camaraderie. Azteca program participants also learn about the importance of getting an education, and having drug-free friends in a drug free environment.

At Azteca, our core aim is to keep kids off the streets and in positive alternate activities. We succeed in this, and thereby enhance the quality of life for youth engaged in our activities.