The Azteca Boxing Team members are taught Olympic-style boxing, mental and physical discipline, self-worth and self esteem, sportsmanship and fair play, teamwork and camaraderie, about the importance of getting an education, and having drug-free friends in a drug free environment.

The Boxing Team's goals and objectives are to instill in kids those disciplines mentioned above and teach them how to apply those qualities to real life. By entering our boxers in out-of-town shows and tournaments, they have the opportunity to see and meet a diverse group of people from different parts of our country. Our after school hours helps in keeping kids off the streets and in an alternative positive activity, thus lessening their chances for a negative encounter with the law. Law enforcement and judicial officials will tell you that "Amateur boxing is an excellent alternative to juvenile delinquency."

Our Boxing Team was founded in 1973. Our coaches are all volunteers certified by USA Boxing, Inc., the governing body of amateur boxing in the USA.